This is my tribute to Bricktops and the Parlour Room. I have forged so many strong bonds and friendships at the parlour. It has been my nightlife home for the past two years - many wonderful times have been had between the parlour walls. Although Bricktops was the night I frequented the most, the Parlour was also home to the most innovative, wayward and truly interesting clubs in all of Los Angeles, including, but not limited to Transmission, Club Screwball, Discourse, Punk Rock Karoke, The Unhappy Hour, Hot Dog, etc...

Andrew Gould, and tranny temptress, Vaginal Davis present Bricktops! at the Parlour Club, 7702 Santa Monica Blvd in the Russian Quarter of West Hollywood. Bricktops faithfully re-creates the splendor of Jazz Age Cafe Society Paris, Weimar Berlin, and Greenwich Village bohemian intelligentsia. For literate club goers sick of the corporate careerist vulturism and youth culture myopia that plagues the tired and stagnant LA club scene, Bricktops provides the only satisfying true alternative. The style and allure of the 1920s has created a "flaming" youth movement and sub-culture, that exercise in camp and kitsch, but something more demanding that explores our not so distant past in an environment ripe to promote the creation of new political, artistic and cultural movements. Appropriate lost generation attire requested. (The last BRICKTOPS at the Parlour is on August 5th, 2005, due to the sale of the club. We are currently looking for a new home.)